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Coin of Wealth Co. and its slot machines were purchased by IGT in 1978. These devices were often found in amusement parks, arcade halls, cinemas, lobbies, shops, train stations, and other places. These devices are not about gambling, they have a similar purpose to arcade machines in other countries. The price a lucky player could bring to the “crane” machine was a soft or rubber toy, school supplies, a film strip, and sometimes a small bottle of cognac.

The first video slot was developed in 1976 in Kearney Mesa, California by Fortune Coin Co. from Las Vegas. This machine used a modified Sony Trinitron 19-inch (48 cm) receiver for the screen and logic boards for all gaming sites. The prototype was installed in a full-size slot machine cabinet. The first production units were tested at the Hilton Las Vegas hotel. After several modifications to prevent fraud attempts, the slot was approved by the Nevada Gambling Commission and eventually became popular on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown casinos..

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If we talk about the recognition of gaming markets in the world, then the United States is currently considered a leader in this field. It is followed by the countries of Pacific and Asia of Europe (especially Scandinavia and Great Britain), the Middle East and Africa. The gaming industry centers have become attractive tourist destinations, which is why Las Vegas (USA) is the largest gambling market, which attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world…

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Fruit machines can usually be found in pubs, clubs and slot machines. Machines usually have three, but you can find them with four or five reels, each of which has 16-24 symbols printed on it. The spins are rotated with each game, when this phenomenon of symbol combinations results in the automatic distribution of the winnings associated with them (or otherwise, at the start of the auxiliary game). These games often have a lot of extra features, tracks and extra payouts; usually more than can be earned from payment in wrapper combinations.

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